“shaking up photo education”

As an editorial photographer working out of NY and London, my clients were as varied as the NY Times, Guardian, Washington Post, Rollingstone, Fortune, Vogue, WIRED, Levis, Swiss Army, Paul Smith, Sony and the FA. When my pictures were collected by the National Portrait Gallery I trialled a public experiment with the Science Fiction Author Cory Doctorow. It was in part response to the NPG’s stance on copyright but also to explore and better understand how content creators might leverage some of the new dynamics the open web was affording. For these live experiments “developing new business models for photographers” I was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce.

Shortly after I began developing similar approaches to teaching that worked with the dynamics of the open web. The effect was to turn a new undergraduate class of twenty into a thriving, dynamic and never before seen, community of thirty five thousand. The course shot to the UK’s number 1 with a 97% satisfaction rating (Guardian) and in recognition I was made HEA National Teaching Fellow 2013.

I continue to develop learning materials, approaches and experiences for educational institutions in Europe, China, India and the US as well as private clients including the  World Press Photo Foundation, the United Nations and the British Council.

I’m always open to discussing new projects that are visually led, that aim to uplift non-dominant voices and strive to improve the experiences of us humans-in-the-loop.


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